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I want to feel confident WHEN GOING to the dentist with the Double advanced dental success program for $24.95

You can purchase our Double Advanced Dental Success Program to listen to while you are in the dental chair for an even deeper relaxation. 

Customer Praise

"Thanks to a great dentist who cared enough to share Jane's Relaxation Method with me, I learned how to relax, get my questions answered, gain the confidence and courage to finally get the dental care I badly needed."

Charles Singer

Chattanooga, TN

"After listening to Jane Beaudry's Dental Success Program I was able to successfully go to my first visit in 7 years. I had a lot of dental work that needed to be done, but with the help of the Stress Free Dentistry Program and my caring dentist, I became confident I would be taken care of WITHOUT the anxiety!"

V. Garrett

Atlanta, GA

"Jane Beaudry has taken a positive step forward for us in dentistry by putting together the Stress Free Dentistry Program that addresses the emototional needs of our most fearful patients. Her program will make dentistry so much easier for that huge population who reluctantly avoids their needed dentistry. "

Dr. Reid Winick, DDS

New York, NY

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside

  • Instructions. Listen to the recordings at least 10 times to help you learn to become calm and confident.
  • Recordings. With the complete Dental Success Program, you will receive the help you need to find a good dentist and make your appointment. The first recording is the Practice Relaxation to help you relax and feel confident during your next dental visit. The second recording is the Advanced Thereapeutic Relaxation which you will listen to while you're in the dentist's chair to further support your confidence, happiness and the care you need.
  • Sense of Control. You will be gently guided through Therapeutic Relaxation to enhance your ability to have an enjoyable experience, while receiving the care you need and deserve. Feel comfortable to communicate your needs so your dentist and staff can support you.
  • Decreased sensitivity. In addition to your dentist being gentle with you, relaxation lowers sensitivity, automatically adding to your comfort.
  • In Good Hands. Rest assured your dentist is dedicated to your comfort! Your doctor and the assistants are all highly skilled in modern dentistry and work as a team. They care about you and want you to have a good and enjoyable dental experience.
  • Customer Care. Questions? Email us at

I look forward to personally guiding you to having a happy smile by going to your dentist and getting the care you need.