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Dentist & Client Testimonials & Praise

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Dentist and Client Testimonials and Praise

“It is one thing to say ‘I cater to towards and quite another to help that fearful patient take charge of their fears.’ The Covington Therapeutic Relaxation Method has taken us a positive step forward in dentistry by putting together a system that addresses the unconscious needs of our most fearful patients. Jane Ann Covington has taken a positive step forward for us in dentistry by putting together a the Stress Free Dentistry Program that addresses the emotional needs of our most fearful patients. Her program will make dentistry so much easier for that huge population who reluctantly avoids their needed dentistry.” –Reid Winick, DDS NY

“After listening to Jane Ann Covington’s Dental Success Program I was able to successfully go to my first visit in 7 years. I had a lot of dental work that needed to be done, but with the help of the Stress Free Dentistry Program and my caring dentist, I became confident I would be taken care of WITHOUT the anxiety!” V. Garret

“With anxiety ridden patients it is difficult to provide good dentistry, and often treatment must be shortened or discontinued to accommodate the apprehensive patient. Jane Ann Covington’s insight into behavior modification means less stressful appointments for the patient and staff!” — Stephen P. Hunt, DDS, IN

“Thanks to a great dentist who cared enough to share The Covington Relaxation Method with me, I learned how to relax, get my questions answered, gain the confidence and courage to finally get the dental care I badly needed.” Charles S.




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