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Glenn Schmidt, DDS, MS

At last someone understands the economics of running a dental practice! The Covington Therapeutic Relaxation Method has provided the dental profession with an outstanding system for defusing the apprehensive patient as well as an effective marketing tool to help new patients choose us.

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Stephen P Hunt, DDS, IN

With anxiety ridden patients, it is difficult to provide routine dentistry, and often treatment must be shortened or discontinued to accommodate the apprehensive patient. Jane Ann Covington’s insight into behavior modification means less stressful appointments for the patient and staff!

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Jan Connet, FL

You are one lucky patient to have this truly effective support system in your hand. It means that you have a very caring dentist who’s committed to you having a great dental experience. Like me, with Therapeutic Relaxation, you can happily have a beautiful smile.

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Charles Singer, TN

Thanks to a great dentist who cared enough to share The Covington Relaxation Method with me. I learned how to relax, get my questions answered,gained the confidence and courage to finally get the dental care I badly needed.

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Karen Marks, WA

This is one easy do-able program. My anxiety melted away with a little practice at home, and a caring doctor and staff! I am very proud of my self, my smile, and feel at ease about going to the dentist now.                 

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Reid Winick, DDS, N

Jane Ann Covington has taken a positive step forward for us in dentistry by putting together a program that addresses that unconscious needs of our most fearful patients. Her program will make dentistry so much easier for that huge market who reluctantly avoids their needed dentistry.

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V. Garrett, GA

After listening to Jane Ann Covington’s Easy Dental Confidence, I was able to successfully go to my first visit in 7 years. I have a lot of dental work that needs to be done, but with the help of Jane Ann and my caring dentist, I am now confident it will all get taken care of WITHOUT the anxiety!

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